I spent the day at my mother’s house today. It is her birthday. She has two cats.  The older male is called A**hole. The younger female is name Sh**thead.

The male is huge and very cranky. He likes to knock his head into your shin, but doesn’t like to be touched.

Hole has been king of the house for about six years. He was given to my parents by my brother. He has gotten more nasty since the stray kitten was brought into the house, this past winter.

My dad had found a litter of five kittens in the late fall.  Because the farm is in the country people are always dropping off unwanted cats. My dad took pity on this batch because they were so young. He started to feed them.  Head was the runt of the litter, but she was also the boldest.

The whole litter disappeared for a few weeks. My dad feared the worst. Suddenly Head was back. No one knows what happened to the others. Head is a very affectionate kitten, and she is playful. She will tease Hole until he is nuts.

 Of all the cats that my parents have had, I like Head the best. She will usually lay cuddled on my lap as long as I allow her.

They had one cat years ago that I not only disliked, but I was afraid of her. Mouse had a lot of the markings of a Russian Blue, but she had none of the personality. Blues are known for the affectionate quiet disposition. Mouse was the most miserable cat I have ever met. I made my mother lock her in a room away from my kids because she would attack them, even if they ignored her.

I must admit, I had a hard time sympathizing with my mother, when Mouse died.