Tripps has a few other quirks I feel I must mention.

At some stage in Tripps life he must have been fed cat food from a tin, because he can hear a hand-operated can opener from anywhere in the house. Even if he is sleeping and the music is blaring the can isn’t completely open and Tripps is there. He is not only under foot, but annoyingly in the way. No matter where you turn he is there.

You dropped something. Are you going to pick it up?

Tripps is a very picky eater, he never eats anything dropped on the floor. Although he hovers around the stove while we are preparing food, he will examine anything we drop, but he never eats it. He will not even eat chicken, his favourite food, unless it is put in his dish. He won’t even lick food off of our fingers. The only other human food he gets is the drained off juices from a can of tuna. As a treat I put the juices back into the tin, add a crust of bread and a bit of water. He practically dances while I prepare this rare treat.

One night I was making canned chili for supper. Tripps was right there being helpful. Because of this I decided to teach him a lesson. After opening the can I offered it to him. You can imagine my surprise when he tried to stick his head into the can to lick it. I had to pull his head out because I was afraid he would cut his tongue. He was mad because I took it away. He wanted the vegetarian chili.

We have found out he will eat anything that come from a can including peas, corn and any type of soup. He is weird. We now have to rinse all the can and place them upside down in the recycle bin. If not he will try to get into the bin and possible hurt himself.

Tripps also like greens. I once had a Peace Lily plant. Before Tripps moved in, it had even bloomed a few times. Now there is only one lonely stalk. He has tipped the plant over more times than I can count while trying to eat it. I had a Spider Plant for a month or so. It was a huge plant that hung down a few feet from the container. There are only a few places in the house I can put such a plant so it can get enough sunlight and still hang freely.

I placed the plant on a tall bookcase where it got sunlight from the window in the front door. Unfortunately the bookcase is along the side of the staircase. Tripps was able to reach through the rungs and chew on the plant. I took pity on the plant and gave it away. Last year a friend gave me a bamboo stalk. It is still alive, but barely. Tripps has been able to trim the bamboo everywhere I have placed it, even on top of the fridge.

The most annoying habit Tripps has is his need to sharpen his claws on anything, but the seven-foot scratching post that was made for him. His favourite scratching spots are the doorway

Oh dang! Busted!

between the kitchen and dining room, the front door frame and the banister. If you look closely at the photo above you can see the scratches on the door frame. (He had been scratching the banister when I took this shot). He loves to sharpen his claws an hour after we have gone to bed, usually waking me up. He will also do it as a form of protest, if he thinks we have all left the house. The local vets do not like to de-claw cats. They claim it leaves a cat defenseless if they get outside. (I think they have not met Tripps.) We have found a solution. I put tin foil over the areas he likes to use. It get a few funny looks, especially the banister at the front door, but it is very effective. We have told kids that it is there to prevent alien invasion.