As you may have noticed Tripps loves to play in boxes. When we bring a box home we must break it down as soon as it is empty or he claims it.

Grocery shopping is an excuse to bring Tripps home a present. I think he knows it too. Because when we are cooking, he knows to stay out of the way. We never feed him “people food”, so we know he is not in the kitchen for food.  But as soon as we bring in the grocery bags he becomes a pain in the butt. He looks into every bag we bring in and waits patiently to see if there is a box. Surprisingly he never tries to get into the reuseable bags unless they are empty. Then he figures they are fair game.

Can you see me?


I can see you.


If we don’t bring a box in he wanders the kitchen getting under foot and trying to get into the cupboards as we put the food away. I know he is hoping we will empty a box so he can have it. But if he discovers we have got a box he is much more annoying. He places himself in the middle of the floor and lays down. He spreads himself out to take as much floor space as possible and refuses to move. Yes, we have stepped on him and we have tripped over him. He will not move. I have even slid him out of the way. He just moves back.

You must have shrunk it! It fit last week honestly.

Because we are so entertained watching Tripps play in boxes we admittedly empty them last. We are all amazed at how determined he can be. He will try to put himself into boxes he should know he can’t get into. I thought they used their whiskers to indicate if a space was too small. Tripps must have missed that detail.

I think I can.

Yup, I really think I can.

I am NOT stuck!!!

A lot of the time we are so busy laughing, we forget to photograph his silliness.