As I have said we do not own cats they own us. They choose their “people”.
Tripps is definitely not my cat. He has chosen Hubby, as his “people”.

 I may be the food source, but Tripps loves Hubby. He will sit on Hubby whenever he gets the chance. If I call him over, Tripps will walk over to get attention than wander back to Hubby.

My "people" is the most comfy bed.

You will notice Tripps is not a lap cat, he is a lap and a half cat. Tripps is actually jealous of  the keyboard. He will try to get up on Hubby’s lap as soon as the keyboard is set there. If he can’t replace the KB, he will just make using it difficult.

There is no escape because of me!!!

On the most afternoons about 10 minutes before Hubby is due home, Tripps will position himself at the front door. If Hubby is late chaos ensues. Tripps will start to meow incessantly, while running back and forth from the window to the door. 

Hubby has been home for the last few months, but he is now back to work. Tripps has taken this abandonment personally, he has been pouting throughout the house. I was at home for the first week . I thought Tripps would hover around me as I worked. Instead he lay on the bed most of the day. He wouldn’t even sit at the door to greet Hubby when he cames home.

There is nothing more pathetic than a depressed cat. He was barely eating and wouldn’t play. 

It has been a few weeks and Tripps is beginning to come around.

Don't bother me I'm waiting for my "people"

I’m glad he is feeling better. It just shows the strong attachment pets form.

It is ironic that Tripps chose the one person in the house, who really doesn’t like pets as his “people”.  I guess Tripps knew if he could win him over, he had it made.

Every now and than, Hubby slips and even says, “My cat,” when refering to Tripps.