At the SPCA there are many different types of animals to choose from. I knew what I wanted. I went straight to the cats.

There was a chorus of meows as I entered to room.  There were sooooo many cats. Most were kittens, although there were a few older cats as well. Most of the kittens were playing. They all had on their “pick me” face. 

I went to the first cage in front of me. I stuck my fingers through the bars of the cage and wiggled my fingers. A black and gray tiger-striped kitten immediately began a playful dance as she tried to tag my fingers.

I felt overwhelmed, how could I possibly choose.

I knew I could not bring them all home, but for a minute I actually considered it. I imagined opening all the cages and freeing the captives. I pictured the chaos. Cats running everywhere. I saw myself scurrying trying to catch them all. I envisioned my dumbstruck hubby standing at the door with his mouth agape. The thought of his panic made me chuckle. I must have laughed aloud, as my hubby asked me if this one was “the one” ? I didn’t dare tell him about my momentary fantasy. He would have hustled me out of the building so fast my feet wouldn’t have touched the tiles.

It was a huge compromise for hubby to support the idea of one cat moving into the house. My hubby says, “It’s not that I don’t like animals. I do. It’s just that I don’t like pets.” 

I moved into the center of the room. To ensure I wouldn’t be tempted to bring my fantasy to actuality.

I again tried to decide how I could choose. I slowly looked around the room.Thats when I saw him. A large white cat. He sat there staring at me. I sensed he was reading my mind. His posture seemed to dare me. I walked slowly over to his cage, talking quietly as I approached. He didn’t move a muscle. He just sat there watching me. I was within inches of his cage. I felt him pull me to him. I did a quick assessment of him. He appeared to be an albino. He was definitely not a kitten. He was at least a year old, maybe older. We continued to stare at each other.

I brought my hand up to the clasp on his cage. He still hadn’t moved. I had to break the stare to manipulate the fastener. Even as I fumbled to open the cage he sat statue straight. Speaking softly, I reached in. As I touched him he gave a slight shiver.

My heart immediately said “mine”.