Most of the cats that have shared my home, have been strays that were given to me or kittens born wild.


Let me tell you how Tripps came to live in my home. Just before Christmas 2006 I was sitting with my hubby (Ron). He was very quiet. I asked him what was wrong? He told me it was a Christmas thing. So I dropped the issue.

He continued to pout for an hour or so. Finally he said to me, “Its ruined anyway so I might as well tell you.” He proceeded to tell me his tale of woe.

He had gone to the local SPCA to get me a cat. He had picked out a cute little kitten named, Mikey.

 As Ron was filling out the paper work he conversationally told the staff at the SPCA, that Mikey would be the perfect Christmas gift for me.

That’s when the brakes were applied to his plan. The staff explained their policy states, “A pet can not be adopted as a gift. If the pet is for her, she must be here to agree with your choice.”

Ron was so disappointed. His wonderful, unique gift would not be a surprise.

I have to admit, I felt sorry for my very sad hubby. Unfortunately I could not contain my mirth. By the time he had finished his story, I was laughing so hard, I was crying.

Ron stared at me in confusion. “What is so funny?”

It took a few minutes before I could explain.

This is what I managed to say between chortles, ” I feel soooo bad for you.  apparently you must be very pathetic, if you can’t even buy pu**y in (insert city name ), unless I am there.”

A few weeks after Christmas we went to the SPCA to pick out my gift.