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Cats, cats, cats, I am crazy about cats. My younger son calls me, Crazy Cat Lady. At least he considers me a lady

It’s not just house cats that hold my interest. I went to the Toronto Zoo just to watch the big cats. I had no desire to see anything but lions, tigers, leopards and my favourite the panther. 


All cats have a way of moving that can best described as liquid motion. It mesmerizes me. But cats are not always graceful. When cats are clumsy, it is probably more amusing because of their expression of contempt for their ungainly actions.  



For me a house is not a home, unless it has a cat. Many different cats have lived in my home. Notice I didn’t say I owned them. People don’t own cats; cats own their people.

If you ever need an ego check just try calling a cat over to you. If the cat actually wants attention it might saunter ever so slowly your general direction. But more than likely, the cat will stop short of you or your extended hand, to rub against some one else. They do this to let you know they are not at your beck and call.